We are TIL DEATH EVENTS | Til Death Events
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What’s in a name?  Well to me, Danielle, the owner and operator of Til Death Events, a lot.

As most of you will have previously known us, we were Him and Her Events.  I of course being ‘her’ and my business partner and friend Simon being ‘him’.   What many of you will not know is that our partnership (not our friendship) came to end almost two years ago.

Aside from the obvious that we were no longer him and her, I had also changed.  I entered the wedding industry as an event stylist thinking I knew exactly who I was and what my brand was, this would also change dramatically over the following three years.

When we started, I envisioned us building an empire, a company committed to bringing largescale events to life with an amazing team of employees.  I did build an empire, it just wasn’t what I had anticipated I would build.  The empire became me.  Yes, I have a small team helping bring these amazing events you see on Instagram become reality, but the business became me.

Til Death is me waking up at 3am write down styling concepts or to make a note to follow something up for one of my beautiful and trusting couples.  Til Death is me connecting with my couples and learning who they are so I can then create an event which looks exactly like them.  Til Death is late night text messages about styling, chatting on Instagram about inspiration and suppliers, or long phone calls just to talk about whatever my couples want to talk about.  Til Death is sewing one of our brides, or their guests back into their dress.  Til Death is straightening 100 chairs and napkins to ensure they all match whilst all the while looking natural and not over styled.   Til Death is doing whatever it takes to ensure that my couple have the greatest day of their life.

We are Til Death Events.